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The American Legion Riders are members of the American Legion who are also motorcycle enthusiasts. They can be found participating in parades, partaking in motorcycling events, and supporting the communities in which they live, work, and play. Members of the ALR come from the Legion, the Legion Auxilliary, and the Sons of the American Legion. The American Legion Riders were formed to participate in parades and other ceremonies that are in keeping with the Aims and Purposes of the American Legion.  We aim to promote motorcycle safety programs and to provide a social atmosphere for American Legion members who share the same interest and use our Association to promote and support programs of the American Legion.
In an effort to better coordinate Rider events for all the Ocean County Posts, Commander Tony Gladden has volunteered to
assist in building an effective inter-post Rider communication network that will help us maximize the opportunity to Ride, raise awareness, share great ideas and enhance our ability to attend events.  Who hasn't missed a ride because of late notice or a flyer that never arrived.  Lets work together to build a bigger and better network of American Legion Riders in the Great County of Ocean!! 
Tony Gladden,
Ocean County Commander
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